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Having an outdoor plumbing issue can be very frustrating. Whether you’re having sewer backup from a broken or root infested line to a river forming in your yard from a broken water main, we have a solution for you. Please take a look to see what services we offer.

Water Mains

Sewer Lines

As years go by our sewer lines get older and become more brittle. When you get a sewer line stoppage it is always due to a reason. Sometimes you can get by with a good cleaning, but on occasion you may need a fix. Most of the time, stoppages are cause by root infestation. This occurs when the pipe leaks sewage causing roots to grow in the system. Please take a look below to see what materials are common here in east Tennessee.

Clay Pipes
Clay Pipe

Common in the older homes, clay pipe is known for failing. It has the appearance of terra cotta. This pipe was generally installed in four foot sections giving many potential areas for failure. Over time with the earth shifting this pipe pulls apart and starts leaking. In all cases we recommend replacement though repairs can be made.

Concrete Pipes
Concrete Pipe

Concrete pipe is very similar to clay. It was made in four foot sections and also is known for failing. This pipe becomes very brittle over time and tends to leak at the joints. Most joints were just poured concrete. In all cases we recommend replacement though a repair can be made.

Orangeburg Pipe

Orangeburg pipe has been around for over one hundred years. Very common to find in east Tennessee, Orangeburg pipe was originally made for electrical conduit. It is made from wood and tar and has a similar appearance to a roofing shingle. This is a very soft pipe that very prone to collapsing. Repairs are highly recommended.

Cast Iron Pipes
Cast Iron Pipe

Still being used today, cast iron can be found used as a sewer line. Usually cast iron was installed inside the home and then transitioned to a different material outside. Cast iron is a very strong and durable pipe though sometimes it is susceptible to decay. Replacements are recommended though repairs can be made.

Polyvinyl Chorlide Pipes
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride

This type is very common and the most used type of pipe today. PVC is not immune to problems. Most of the time, issues are caused by the installation. PVC can leak if connections are not made correctly or if it was installed at the wrong pitch. In some cases the installer may have used a thin wall PVC which is too weak to withstand the weight of the earth and will collapse. Repairs are recommended unless a thin wall pipe was installed. All thin wall should be replaced.

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