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Having an outdoor plumbing issue can be very frustrating. Whether you’re having sewer backup from a broken or root infested line to a river forming in your yard from a broken water main, we have a solution for you. Please take a look to see what services we offer.

Water Mains

Sewer Lines

In east Tennessee we tend to see a large quantity of broken water lines. Most of the time, these leaks are hard to find. Most people don’t realize they have a broken water main until they receive their water bill. One broken water main can easily waste up to 30,000 gallons a month without showing a single trace. United Plumbing can offer many solutions to assist with broken water mains. We offer water line repairs, replacements, or we can help find the leak with leak detection services. Below are your most common materials for water service piping.

Copper Tubing
Copper Tubing

Copper tubing has been used in plumbing since 2750 BC. There is an example in the Berlin State Museum taken from the Temple of King Sa-Hu-Re at Abusir in Egypt. It formed part of a pipeline nearly 100m in length, made up of separate sections, each about 750mm long. Today copper tubing still is a very reliable pipe to have outside your home. Most of the time, leaks are caused by the earth moving with the pipe and getting holes from contact with rocks. In most cases we recommend a repair.

Galvanized Pipes
Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized water piping is very common in east Tennessee. Most galvanized water mains are sections of piping approx. 20 feet in length. Galvanized water line leaks are very common. Most of time the leaks are due to the pipe rusting. Over time the galvanized pipe rusts from the inside out. This is why you may find discoloration in your water. In most cases we would recommend replacement although sometimes repairs can be made.

Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride

PVC has been around a lot longer than most people think. Invented in the 1930’s, PVC was used in Germany for water distribution. Slowly PVC was used in America in the 1950’s but became more popular in the 1970’s. PVC comes in many forms. The most common PVC used in residential is Schedule 40. Most of time, this is a 20 foot section that is solvent welded together. The primary cause of PVC failure is the fittings. All leaks come from fittings that are being put under stress from the earth shifting. In most cases we recommend replacement. A repair can be done with a warranty.

Polybutylene Tubing
Polybutylene Tubing

PB has been used in east Tennessee since the late 1970’s. This material has been known to fail much quicker than other materials. PB was thought of “the pipe of the future” due to its low cost and easier installation. This tubing was sold in rolls so it needed very few fittings. Most of the outdoor tubing is blue in color while the indoor tubing is grey. In all cases we recommend replacement though repairs can also be done.

Polyethylene Tubing
Polyethylene Tubing

Polyethylene is also common in east Tennessee. This material is commonly found outside for main water services as well as irrigation lines. Polyethylene is black tubing that is very similar to Polybutylene. This was installed due to its low cost and ease of installation. This material has a high risk of failure. In all cases we recommend replacement though a repair can also be made.

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